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Eco-Friendly Jute Bags That Balance the Eco-System One of the leading eco friendly jute Products manufacturers in Bangladesh catering to a worldwide clientele looking for bags made of natural fibers. Jute Yarn Our Two major manufactured products from jute fiber are – Jute Yarn & Jute Twine. Our Jute Yarn has enhanced durability, strength and flexibility. Jute Fabrics Our Jute Fabrics is 100% Eco-Friendly. It can be reused with care. Most of All its a Biodegradable Product which helps a Lot to Nature. It is additionally Organic and Carbon free.


Easy Reusable and Eco Friendly

Jute is next to cotton’s most popular natural fiber. Bangladesh harvested 90 % of the world ‘s total jute production. This is why Jute is known as Bangladesh ‘s Golden Fiber. Jute products are produced from vegetable bast fibre plants known as Corchorus capsularis (CC) & Corchorus olitorius (CO) where CC is called White Jute and CO is called Tossa Jute. The Tossa jute are the ones normally chosen for manufacturing jute yarn/twine/bags/clothes etc.
Jute is absolutely environmentally friendly and very popular worldwide. Years after years Bangladeshi Jute products could be used as the strongest and highest quality jute in the world. Jute is the only Bangladeshi industry that can procure 100% of the raw materials locally and for this we have the liberty to choose the right batch for the right products and sell at a price lower than any other natural fibres in the world.


Know Some About Our Company

Jute Sparkle is Bangladesh ‘s leading high-quality Jute exporter. The most important jute products that we export worldwide are Jute Sacks / Bags, Hessian/ Burlap Jute Bags, Jute Yarn, Jut Twine / Rope, Carpet Backing Cloths (CBC / CBS), Jut Geo-Textile, Jute Scrim Fabrics, Jute Wedge Espadrilles, and Jute Sweaters. For More detail…

Why Choose Us

Superior Sourcing

Happy Jute traces its origins to almost a century old textile mill specializing in the production of natural fibres.

Manufacturing expertise

Jute Sparkle has several years of experience in processing and producing canvas and jute natural fabrics for both traditional and non-traditional products.

International Standards

Having worked closely with some of the most demanding companies in the world for several years, Jute Sparkle has rich experience in dealing with the special demands and specifications of the international market.

Design Talent

Our in house design team draws inspiration from both traditional and contemporary sources. Additionally, over the years we have developed a thorough understanding of the design sensibilities of the international market for canvas and jute products.

Export Region

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Quality Control

We have rigorous processes in place in order to ensure that products we dispatch are in line with the specifications of the highest quality.

Our Featured Products Category

Canvas Bags

Eco-Friendly Canvas Bags: Good for the Environment and it’d Good for Your Brand Promotion.

Jute Bags

Taking your brand image one step ahead than the the mainstream, we bring you promotional bags in a variety of styles, colors, fabric preferences and silhouettes. Available in jute, cotton and cotton canvas

Shopping Bags

The Ultimate Choice of Smart & Fashionable Ladies

Our Facilities

Our facilities allow us to process
large and complex orders of jute and canvas products.

We have several years of experience in the sourcing and trading of jute and canvas and maintain an extensive trade network among the cultivators and processors of such natural fibers.

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To learn more about our service offerings and industry expertise or to have an Consulting professional contact you directly, please contact with us

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