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Our facilities allow us to process large and complex orders of jute and canvas products.


We have several years of experience in the sourcing and trading of jute and canvas and maintain an extensive trade network among the cultivators and processors of such natural fibers. Along with in house procurement expertise our facilities also encompass testing and verification of raw fibers which ensures that only high quality raw materials are used for all our products.


An in house design team ensures that our offerings cover every conceivable product category. Our design expertise is best reflected in our ability to combine traditional and contemporary designs and tradecraft. This also allows us to customize orders or to create bespoke offerings.


We utilize both in house and contracted manufacturing facilities depending on the nature of the orders at hand. Given our longstanding association with manufacturing natural fibers, we are in a position to offer almost any product under a single umbrella by utilizing in house expertise as well as our specialized contracted production network.

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